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lovebitesandeverything-deactiva said: Oh, I've just clicked in you United blog, "fan since 1998/99" aka "fan since the treble" oh that's even WORSE! You are the EPITOME of a glory hunter! I only talk to real fans about football I'm afraid, bye now.

And yet, here you are 2349340 messages later still explaining yourself? Jeez… i have really struck a nerve, i see there. Wont even talk about all the insults. Nor all the wrong fact. Nor the club-rivalry. You’re not on my level for discussion. :)

p.s. I’ve been an United fan ever since i know about football. It started when i was around 10. The first game i remember i watched was months before the treble and the amazing CL victory. I remember being a huge fan before the CL final. ;) So no honey, you’re wrong about me here. Have a nice day.

"Seasonticket since 2003, first game in 1998, you’re only allowed to comment on my post if you’re a REAL fan of your club."

You’re 18 year old. Congrats on watching your first game at the age of 3. I am sure you completely remember the game and the score and the players. Yeah… right. Have another go. :)))


Lol  haters keep saying our players celebrated in front of the shitty fans after RVPs goal. Pssssssssssshhhh who would even WANT to celebrate in front of those classless cunts

Okay. This one amuses me.

How on earth wouldn’t they celebrate in front of City’s fans when the game was played on Etihad!? THERE WERE CITY FANS EVERYWHERE!

lovebitesandeverything-deactiva said: ..I was referring to how City humiliated Ushited on their own turf last season. Though if that's the only thing you can pick up on then my post must have struck a nerve ;)

Nah, not really. I was just pointing out the mistake. But then again, City and the fans are actually ashamed of that 3 eh? :)
First printing ‘12’ on last year title shirts, when the common print on them is the number of titles the team has won. Which is 3, not 12. Then, of course, there are the three stars on the shirt. The stars are tens. Three stars are put when the team has won 30 titles, not three. And of course, you put the number of titles in ‘champions’ not a game result.
Then again, i do understand the reason why would fans change that 3. It’s way too little. :P

p.s. I see the loss yesterday did struck a nerve eh? Ushited, Fergiescum… does seems like it hurts. :)
Have a nice day. :)


Rain check:

Trophies in the Cabinet: City; 1, Liverpool; 1, Chelsea; 2, Salford Rangers: jack shit.

Point gap: 6 points with 22 games remaining, last season 8 points with 6 games remaining - perlease.

Scum have to face a fixture pile up soon, and we have the ability to bring in a few world class players next month and give the team a bit of extra impetus - something I think we need.

P.s for the Ushited arm chair ‘supporting’ pieces of toss I’ve seen in the City tag - the year United won their first title, of the 19 players in the squad, 17 of them were bought. So naturally, applying United logic, only City bought the league… Glass houses and stones. Also, is everyone forgetting how Fergiescum in his first 5 years in charge was a pile of absolute wank, and radio stations were playing Living on a Prayer before United matches and dedicating it to him for luck? As he needed it? Mancini is going nowhere you short sighted twunts.


Champ16ns? Champ16ns? 16?

Where from? The last time i checked, it was 3 titles, not 16. :D

new still from The Bling Ring

Man City the first EVER English club to drop out of the group stages without a single win!



he hates it so muchahafahahahaha

No one hates Twilight more than Rob does…

 ”And uh, about the kiss we even had a little bit of a genuine laugh. It wasn’t really acting.”



From one of the shittiest authors of all time that inspired 5 movies that are complete garbage, has finally come to an end!


End of an era… OF STUPIDITY!





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